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Here at Cedar Rock Auto Repair & Sales we believe in listening to our customers. You drive your car every day so you know it better than anybody. The descriptions of the problems you are having helps narrow down what area of the car is causing the issue at hand.   



Mechanical problems are physical issues that you can usually see by looking at it or physically moving it with hand tools. They usually cause your car to make noise's, rattles or clunking sounds when your driving down the road. Most of these type of problems get progressively worse slowly over time.



These type of problems usually occur suddenly and without notice while your driving down the road or idling at a stop light. You can not see what or where the problem is with these type of issues. It requires diagnostic tools in order to determine what is causing the problem.  



Drive ability problems are the ones that make it difficult for your car to run nice and smooth while your driving down the road or sitting at an idle. It may feel like the car is jerking and hesitating or may even stall on you. You can't see these issues. It requires diagnostic tools to diagnose what is causing the problem.      



Suspension problems cause your car to have a rough or noisy ride. They can cause uneven tire wear and cause your car to develop a pull to the right or left as you are driving down a strait road. You can develop excessive sway that you will notice when you turn corners. Some have visible signs the others don't.      



Brake system problems can cause grinding & squeaking noises from around the wheels. Can cause the car to pull to one side when you brake. Your brake pedal may feel soft or spongy when you push on it with your foot. Visible sign to look for is the brake pad wear indicator, a small metal clip, on the brake pads touching the rotor, the round steel disk the pads push against, indicating it's time to replace your brakes.   

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